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Hello and An image of a red shield with the words Investigative Biology printed in white. There is a white "X" in the middle of the shield, and in each quadrant of the "X" there is a beetle, DNA helix, leaf, and microscope respectively, each representing a different branch of biology. This is the course logo.welcome to the central hub for all things related to the Investigative Biology Teaching Laboratories at Cornell University! The following links will provide information about our staff and pedagogy, and you can explore our partnerships with the scientific community.

While the Investigative Biology Teaching Laboratories are home to many scientific collaboration efforts, its residential course BIOG 1500 is designed to provide underclassmen (Freshman and Sophomore) students with essential laboratory experience, adding emphasis to the concepts and processes of scientific investigation. It provides a learning community to both biology majors and non-majors alike; striving to promote communication, literacy, and peer collaboration within the field of the biological sciences.

BIOG 1500 has moved away from cookie-cutter lab exercises in 2010 to encourage modern pedagogical techniques, such as inquiry-based labs, active learning and peer instruction, and finally puts the student in the driver’s seat of their own education. Upholding the value of these techniques and ensuring the scientific success of our students is a duty our staff carry out with pride.

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