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Under the MicroSCoPE:

“Learning how to communicate science at the same time you are doing science is the next step.” – Mark Sarvary

After a 2018 survey of undergraduate student made clear that there was an overwhelming demand for a curriculum that emphasized instruction on how scientists can become effective communicators and relay their findings to non-scientist audiences, the Science Communication and Public Engagement

(SCoPE for short) minor curriculum at Cornell University was born. You can read about the journey to make this goal a reality in the interview conducted by freelance writer Kitty Gifford for the Cornell Chronicle here.


Combatting Science Misinformation, One Podcast at a Time:

What do you get when you combine an inspired student, a passionate professor, and the desire to combat scientific miscommunication and misinformation in a divided technological timeline with a state-of-the-art recording studio? Science podcasts crafted to engage the public. You can read about the State of the Pod, Locally Sourced Science, and what exactly a WhisperRoom is in this exclusive Cornell Sun interview here.


“I strongly believe that anybody has an issue that they are probably knowledgeable enough or can be knowledgeable enough to share with the public. So it’s really about pursuing those interests and facilitating public dialogue.” – Yunyun Wang ’20


Professor’s Efforts to Link Cornell University and Szent István University in Hungary Pays Off:

An effort to offer students real world research experience, bridge a multicultural gap between two far-flung universities, and advocate for the benefit of researching the STEM field in a multicultural setting has come to fruition. After obtaining living in the United States for 20 years, Dr. Sarvary has developed the Global Fellows Program, linking Cornell University and his own alma mater, Szent István University in Hungary.

“As a science major, research skills are invaluable and we hope to help undergraduates gain this experience.”

You can read the original interview published in the Cornell Sun  here.


Once Upon a Time in a Land Full, Full of Science:

“In this course, I want students to learn the importance of being well-rounded scientists who can communicate their work effectively and translate information through storytelling.” – Mark Sarvary


In September of 2017, Dr. Mark Sarvary was interviewed by Jennifer Savran Kelly for the Cornell Chronicle. In the interview, he discusses pioneering an interdisciplinary course that blends crucial skills of science, technology, and communication. This course would pave the way for what would eventually grow into a fully-fledged minor degree program at Cornell University.You can read the interview here.