Celebrating a Super Student!

Celebrating a Super Student

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Eliana Jacobson (2016) is one of our dedicated undergraduate TA’s. She worked closely both with Dr. Sarvary and our Course Coordinator Irena Horvatt to engage our students in science through social media via our Twitter feed “live from lab” sections. You can check out her profile here. She was a huge asset to the Investigative Biology team, and we are very proud!


From the Desk of the Director: Far Above Cayuga’s Waters

13241169_1066947783342534_6873238421297440535_nI will never forget the moment when as a young instructor I took a polaroid picture of the agarose gel after gel electrophoresis and (going against all protocol) started to shake it so it would dry faster. Sadly, the song on the top of the charts those days was “Hey Ya!” performed by OutKast, so naturally, I started to sing “Shake it like a Polaroid picture…”. I did not know any other words of the lyrics, but that was enough for a few students to approach me after the lab section and express their gratitude:

“Thank you for making us realize that the teachers are humans too.”

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