Featured TA of the Week: Angela Possinger

Say hello to section 401 and 415’s Angela Possinger

Where are you from, and how long have you lived in Ithaca, NY?

I’m originally from Berkley, Massachusetts, a very small town (no stoplights!) in Southeastern Mass. I’ve lived in Ithaca for about 4 years.

Tell us a fun fact about yourself! 

I have a collection of tacky mugs; my favorites are from the Royal Wedding and Neustchhwanstein Castle in Germany.

What is the focus of your professional research? If you have any published scientific writing, where can we read it?

For my Ph.D. research, I study how organic matter and minerals in soil interact to keep carbon stable, ultimately improving soil quality and mitigating climate change. I have two (mostly unrelated) papers published for my undergraduate and MS research: You can read them here  and here.

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